Sega SG-1000 Mk II

The Sega SG1000 MK II was released in July 1984. It was an updated version of the original SG-1000 that was functionally identical, but had a re-styled case with the connector for the optional plug-in SK-1100 keyboard being moved from the rear of the case to the front. 

It was initially priced at ¥15,000. Sega also released a computer version of the console, with a built-in keyboard and called it the SC-3000, which would go on to outsell the SG-1000.

The SG-1000 ran all SC-3000 games and applications, with the exception of Music and Basic Cartridges. 

In Japan the console also had an optional game card reader add-on called the Card Catcher that allowed the use of Sega game card software. Card based software was exclusive to Japan, only cartridge based games were released in Europe and Oceania.

The SG-1000 in the museum collection is the Japanese version and includes the original box, controllers, card catcher and instructions.

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