Mephisto Chess Challenger

An electronic chess game console, complete in original box with manual and AC adaptor. From the packaging:

"Want the ultimate Chess Challenge? Designed for advanced level chess players, this powerful computer will challenge you, sharpen your game tactics, and help you to advance to new playing levels. With a vast library of openings and grandmaster moves, you can also learn from the experts first hand!

  • Ultimate Challenge: 64 playing levels including tournament and blitz.
  • Advanced Coaching: coach mode, tactical alerts, capture warnings, hints given and 50-move take-back to allow for experimentation.
  • Expert Insight: Use info mode to see what the computer is thinkin or study mode to learn from famous past games including major opening systems and famous grandmaster moves.
  • Advanced Board: sensory board, LED lights, 4-digit LCD display, built-in chess clock.
  • Power Management System: Automatic power-down feature; unfinished games held in memory; AC/DC adapter included."

Year Released: