Radofin Programmable Video System tele-sports IV

As with many early Pong clones, the Tele-Sports IV was designed around the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chipset. The processor was actually housed inside the cartridges - this allowed the machine to be sold for a much lower price but made the games correspondingly more expensive. Only seven cartridges were released for the Tele-Sports IV

Each cartridge claims to offer up to 10 games although within a single cartridge the ten were typically variants on a single bat-and-ball theme. The Tele-Sport IV's set of orange switches allowed the game to be selected, as well as differing skill levels and background colours.

The Radofin Tele-Sports IV was marketed under a variety of names, depending on the target market: the SHG Blackpoint in Germany; the PrinzTronic Micro 5500 in Europe and New Zealand; the Audi-Sonic Tele-Sports IV; and the Bodenfund Programmable Video System, among others.

Our Tele-Sports IV is complete in it's original box.

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