Phantom Panzer

In Phantom-Panzer, the player takes control of an assault vehicle in order to defend their "energy base" at the bottom of the screen from the attacking phantom tanks.

The game consists of three phases: the first phase takes place in a city and looks like a maze. It offers relative protection with the building walls. The second phase has the enemy tanks crossing two bridges over a river, but there's practically no cover. In the third and final phase, it's an all-out battle with the phantom tanks aggressively charging in on the player's base and no obstacles to stop them.

The player can only shoot one bullet at a time and has to destroy 20 tanks in each stage. Enemy bullets can be canceled by hitting them with one's own bullet. The player loses one life if they collide with one of the tanks or the enemy bullets. The game is over immediately, however, if an enemy tank or shell hits the player's energy base.

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