Amstrad GX4000

One of only two home consoles to originate from the UK, the other being the BBC bridge companion.The GX4000 was Amstrad's short-lived attempt to enter the games console market. The machine was released in Europe in 1990. The GX4000 was actually a modified CPC 6128 Plus computer.

Initial reviews were favourable, the console had impressive enhanced graphics, a huge colour palette of 4096 (more than the 16 bit Sega Mega Drive), hardware sprites and hardware scrolling. It retailed for £99 and came bundled with driving game Burnin' Rubber.

Unfortunately, the console was not a success, it arrived late and with little software support, the games that did make it out were usually little enhanced CPC software, very soon the machine was being sold for as little as £29.99, it was simply outgunned by Sega and Nintendo, who were both moving into 16 bit technology, and already had huge success with their 8 bit systems.

The machine is very collectible today, with the rarer games fetching high prices on auction sites.

CPU: 8-bit Zilog Z80A at 4 MHz
Graphics: 16 sprites
Resolution: from 160x200 to 640x200
4096 colour palette - 32 onscreen
Memory: 64 kB RAM, 16 kB VRam, 32 kB ROM
I/O: Audio output, 2 x digital controller connectors, Analog controller port (IBM standard), Light gun connector (RJ11 socket), Audio & RGB video output (8 pin DIN), Scart connector (audio & video), power supply socket from external PSU, power supply socket from monitor.
Sound: 3 channel stereo; AY-3-8912 chip
Game Format: cartridge

Our GX 4000 Games Console has a serial number of 735-0954786

Year Released: